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Send any type of email (HTML, plain, etc.)
Send personalized emails
Create unlimited custom fields for members
Advanced import / export features
Advanced campaign tracking features
Bounce detection and handling
Detailed campaign reporting with charts
Unlimited follow-up auto responders


What we offer:admadeeasy.com

  • Send personalized emails
    Run personalized email campaigns which will increase your campaign success 300%

  • Send in any email format
    Send any type of emails such as HTML, plain, multipart emails with unlimited attachments

  • Publish public RSS feeds
    Provide your already sent campaigns as RSS feed to your visitors

  • Manage extra member fields
    Create unlimited extra member fields for collecting additional information such as name, country, age

  • Run powerful targeted email marketing
    Send your email campaigns to your mail lists based on unlimited send rules which include created extra custom fields

  • Send follow-up auto responders
    Create unlimited follow-up auto responders for your mail lists and increase your sales!

  • Request double opt-in and out
    You can set your mail lists for double opt-in/out confirmation

  • Member data outsourcing
    Instead of importing your data, you can connect to your third party MySQL database for member list

  • Ban or black list members
    You can ban or black list members based on unsubscription conditions

  • Handle bounced members
    You can handle your bounced members. This will make your mail lists clean and up to date

  • Import and export members
    You can import from and export to several sources such as comma-delimited files (CSV - Excel), XML, MySQL databases, etc.

  • admadeasy.comCreate campaigns on the fly!
    You can create your campaigns easily with step-by-step phases .

  • Schedule campaigns
    Set your campaigns to be sent automatically on the defined dates. You can set  to send recursively such as "Every Friday".

  • Set different sender information
    You can set different sender information (from, reply-to, return path) for each campaign

  • Advanced campaign tracking
    Track your campaigns real time with advanced tracking and snapshot features

  • Track email opens, link clicks, ratings, forwards, much more!
    You can track all activity about your campaigns such as email opens, link clicks, ratings, forwards, unsubscriptions, bounced members, etc.

  • Create advanced newsletter templates
    You can create both traditional newsletters as well as CMS (Content Management System) based newsletter templates.

  • Generate detailed reports
    You can examine bounce detection statistics, campaign performance comparisons, member statistics, member activity charts, etc. with the advanced reporting system

  • and much more...
    includes hundreds of unique and powerful features for better and easy email marketing. 




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